#FlashbackFriday: CKIx 2016

Today we’re flashing back to late June when our governor, Emily, and Delta Division LTG Rachel Kane, both from the CKI club at Mississippi State University, headed to Toronto for the 61st Annual Circle K International Convention. They saw a new city, made new friendships and had the opportunity to experience the very best of what CKI has to offer!

Check out what they had to say about the experience below and consider joining us for CKIx 2017 in San Antonio!

Rachel Kane 

This summer I traveled to Toronto, Canada for the 61st Annual Circle K International Convention. I really enjoyed experiencing CKI beyond my local club at Mississippi State University!

While it’s known that CKI is a global organization, it was still really exciting to see how expansive CKI truly is. There were students from all over the world at the convention and we had the opportunity to meet and share our experiences as CKI members.

Delta Division LTG Rachel Kane, La-Miss-Tenn Governor Emily Damm and Kiwanis La-Miss-Tenn Governor Fred Pitts after arriving in Toronto.

One of the three tenants of CKI is fellowship, and we had many opportunities to socialize with other members at opening night, the Large Scale Service Project and workshops.

Another memorable aspect of the convention was the House of Delegates. I wasn’t a district officer at the time and experiencing the session from a club member’s point of view was eye-opening. I knew little about voting, bylaws and amendment ratification before then and it was interesting to see how everything worked.

As a member, I really appreciated seeing amendments made official, hearing candidates caucus, and voting for our International Board. It made me aware of club members’ opportunities to engage at the international level.

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s convention in Toronto, and I hope more members from La-Miss-Tenn are able to go to CKIx 2017!

Emily Damm

I attended CKIx for the first time last year in Indianapolis, Indiana. We celebrated 100 years of Kiwanis and I was so impressed with all the speakers, presentations, and events. After a fun week of service and making new friends, I knew I wanted to attend CKIx in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to the support of my wonderful local Kiwanis Club and our district, I was able to attend with Rachel!

My service project was with Food Share, a non-profit that works with communities to deliver healthy food. The best part of the project was getting to work closely with my new CKI friends. After a day of hard work in the kitchen, we had plenty of jokes to share throughout the week.

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Another important component of CKIx is leadership development. There are plenty of workshops, booths, and presentations to inspire, educate, and motivate! At CKIx, you also represent your district when you vote for the CKI Board and decide on changes to our by-laws!

Since I attended the year before and was just at GATC, I really felt connected to the international part of CKI. Attending convention not only allowed me to reconnect with my friends from all over the US and Canada, but also meet people from all over the world. It’s easy to think of CKI as just your home club, but it’s so much more! At DCON, you meet people from the district, and at CKIx you meet the rest of the world!

My two years of attending CKIx were filled with service, leadership, and fellowship. I can’t wait for next year’s CKIx in San Antonio, Texas. I hope you’ll join me!

CKIx is just one of the incredible opportunities CKI members can experience. Watch this page and our Facebook for info on CKIx 2017 as the year goes on. Stay tuned for more news on cool service projects, club happenings and district fun!

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