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The Louisiana Mississippi West-Tennessee District is only 1 out of 32 districts worldwide! The districts are further categorized into sister districts. Here in the south, our district is split up into 5 different divisions. We have amazing 170 members across 11 different active clubs and are in the process of chartering many more. Find out more about our district below!


  1. Bayou South
    • Louisiana State University
    • McNeese State University
    • Southeastern Louisiana University
  2. Delta Central
    • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Jackson County
  3. Gulf Coast
    • Nicholls State University
    • Tulane University
  4. Natchez Trace
    • Mississippi State University
    • University of Memphis
  5. Piney Hills
    • Louisiana Tech University
    • Northwestern State University
    • University of Louisiana at Monroe


District Governing Documents

LaMissTenn Circle K Bylaws

LaMissTenn Kiwanis Policy Code: 500 – Circle K

District Mailing Address

LaMissTenn Circle K

5253 Dijon Drive, Suite B

Baton Rouge, LA 70808-9343

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