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The Louisiana Mississippi West-Tennessee District is only 1 out of 32 districts worldwide! The districts are further categorized into sister districts. Here in the south, our district is split up into 5 different divisions. We have amazing 200 members across 8 different active clubs and are in the process of chartering many more. Find out more about our district below!


  1. Bayou South
    • Louisiana State University
    • Southeastern Louisiana University
    • University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  2. Delta Central
    • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Jackson County
  3. Gulf Coast
    • Nicholls State University
    • University of New Orleans
  4. Natchez Trace
    • Mississippi State University
  5. Piney Hills
    • Louisiana Tech University
    • Northwestern State University
    • University of Louisiana at Monroe


District Governing Documents

LaMissTenn Circle K Bylaws

LaMissTenn Kiwanis Policy Code: 500 – Circle K

District Mailing Address

LaMissTenn Circle K

5253 Dijon Drive, Suite B

Baton Rouge, LA 70808-9343

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