The district board of officers is the governing body of the entire district and is charged with overseeing all district activities. A description of officers can be found in the Standard Form of District Bylaws, Article V. Included on every district board is the district administrator, a Kiwanian, who serves as an ex-offcio member of the board.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Determines policies that must govern the district.
  • Accesses member recruitment and retention activities, and pursues further club-building opportunities.
  • Evaluates club status based on participation in district activities, conduct, service activities, and dues payment.



The district governor is the chair of the district board of officers. The governor has a unique set of duties that involves collaboration with many levels of Circle K International. The governor will provide vision and direction for the district during his/her term with the aim of strengthening the district and fulfilling the Objects of Circle K International. In order to attain this outcome, the governor will: establish district goals, chair monthly district board meetings, maintain communication with the district board and clubs, collect and submit reports, ensure planning of Fall Training Conference and District Convention, and ensure other district officers are fulfilling their role. The district governor will inform and seek the advice of the district administrator regarding all district issues. Candidates for district governor should be aware that incoming governors are asked to attend Governor and Administrators Training Conference occurring April 9-12, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The district secretary-treasurer has one of the most distinctive roles on the Circle K district board. The district secretary-treasurer performs a wide variety of duties that require a broad range of skills: being organized; a well-founded understanding of Circle K International; as well as many other abilities needed to accomplish the tasks of district secretary-treasurer. In addition to performing secretarial duties, the district secretary-treasurer is responsible for budgeting, collecting, and disbursing the district’s money and manages the dues process. In the event that the district governor is unavailable to perform his/her duties, it is the district secretary-treasurer’s responsibility to preside in his/her absence. As a result, the district secretary treasurer must be up to date with all district events, having accurate knowledge of the district bylaws and policy code, and an understanding of the position. An effective district secretary-treasurer is organized, pays attention to detail, understands all aspects of Circle K operations, and is a leader.

Lieutenant Governor

The district lieutenant governor has duties to the local clubs, his or her division, and district. As the chief officer of the division, he or she is responsible for monitoring the functioning of each club within the division. Through such methods as the Presidents’ Council Meetings, club visitations, and club reporting, the lieutenant governor should examine the administrative problems of clubs and offer advice. District lieutenant governors are crucial in the club building process and are expected not only to maintain the strength of existing clubs but to also foster the growth of new clubs in his or her division. In order to be an effective lieutenant governor, he or she must be knowledgeable and capable of answering questions regarding all phases of Circle K operations.